Program of traditional performing arts

The Vietnam national Tuong theatre  regular program of traditional performing arts for local visitors and foreign tourists, on Monday and Thursday weekly opening 6PM to 7PM.


The show has 6 unique traditional scenes: An old man carries his wife on the back to a festival, Hue Royal music ( Major Music), Lion giving birth, Ho Nguyet Co turning into a fox, Hue Royal music ( Minor Music), Dance and sing serve the Holy.

Special preferential for travel companies: When take guests to Theatre will be deducted 30% of the fare (150,000 / ticket).


For further information contact:

Hong Ha theatre – 51 Duong Thanh street – Hoan Kiem distric – Ha Noi

Marketing Department : 024.38252803

Mr Cường: 01666675526

Mr Tuấn: 0984545228

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Thông tin vở diễn

Ngày diễn: 31-01-2019 6:00 pm
Ngày kết thúc: 31-01-2019 7:00 pm
Địa điểm Hong Ha Theatre