On 8 PM June/30th/2017 Vietnam Tuong Theatre would like to invite to view the performance of the play “Under the Legendary Banyan Tree”


Under the legendary Banyan tree

Once upon a time, a thousand-year-old Banyan tree was home to The Banyan Spirit, a kind-hearted god. By his side were The Branches, The Leaves and The Mistletoe, his tree-spirit underlings. The Mistletoe absorbed spiritual quintessence from The Banyan Spirit, transforming into a sacred herb to cure illnesses for the locals.

One day, a Giant Flood occurred, sweeping away Wicked Tree carrying him to the Banyan tree, where he was then saved by Diu Huong, a village girl. Soon afterwards, Wicked Tree revealed himself as a malevolent demon, killing The Banyan Spirit and seizing the Banyan tree. He coerced The Branches and The Leaves sucking blood from human to feed the Banyan tree, so as to cultivate the spiritual quintessence from the Banyan tree to fuel his dark magic, to thus become invincible and take over the world. The Wicked Tree forced Diu Huong to lure in young men for him to kill and suck blood, while promising to grant her immortality in return.

Appalled by his monstrous sins, Diu Huong and her lover, Que, with the help of a Swordsman eliminated the Wicked Tree. Diu Huong and the Swordsman, however, sacrificed their lives.

As the Swordsman ascended to heaven, Diu Huong turned into the Banyan Spirit to give blessings unto the people from then on. The Branches, The Leaves and The Mistletoe were cleansed from all sins and return to the peaceful Banyan tree. Diu Huong became celebrated as the village’s God of Ben’s Village.


The play developed from the idea of the scenario "The Haunted Temple"by the author,director Chua Soo Pong – Singapore

Interpreter:Pham Xuan Hong

Tuong scenario: Le The Song

Director : Dr  Chua Soo Pong

Music: Elite artists  Le Tran Vinh

Set Designer : People's Artist  Le Huy Quang

Choreographer: Elite artists Nguyen Khanh Toan

Stage Manager: People's Artist  Gia Khoan

Art  Direction: Director  Pham Ngoc Tuan



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To increase the exchange of cultural cooperation, step by step integrate internationally with ASEAN countries as well as other countries in the world


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to allow Vietnam Tuong Theatre to carry out artistic cooperation project with Dr. Chua Soo Pong  (Singapore nationality) to build the Tuong play: "Under the Legendary Banyan Tree".

The play was licensed in Vietnam by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Department of performing arts as well as attending the Festival Pohang Bada in Korea in August 2017.


Vietnam Tuong Theatre would like to invite:


To view the performance of the play “Under the Legendary Banyan Tree”

Time:         8 PM  June/ 30th/ 2017

Location:   Hong Ha Theatre  - Viet Nam Tuong Theatre

                  51A Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi

Your presence is an encouragement to the artists of Vietnam Tuong Theatre.

 Sincerely welcome!


Pham Ngoc Tuan